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William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP CPC

“If you do NOT have a plan, you are part of someone else’s” – Terrance McKenna

Creating a “Mindset”

Everything in life is about the direction of your thinking, positive/negative, good/bad.   It is all about perspective and that perspective starts with you.    If you don’t like to run, going out running for 30 minutes sucks……but if you were running to save a loved one from a burning building, you wouldn’t even remember the run.  It is about the goal and the internal energy that you create to get there.  When I don’t feel like sending a note to a medical doctor or writing a report for an attorney, I force myself to think about my 3 children and how their success is intertwined with my efforts and success in practice.  That is a huge motivator for me.  It is critical that you find the “Why the heck am I doing this” button in your brain and learn how to push it.

With that being said, when we are looking build relationships with the medical community there are several things that it takes to start, let’s cover the things that relationship building with the community is NOT…


This program is not about you become a medical provider or a “medipractor”. This program is not about you removing chiropractic philosophy from your practice. This program is not about you pandering for patients. This program is not about you pigeon holing yourself into a musculoskeletal practice (unless that is what you want)


1. This program is about you being a LEADER

2. This program is about a means to gain access to tens of thousands of patients in your practice area.

3. This program is about getting as many people under chiropractic care as possible.  One MD telling his patients to see you is work 1,000 health talks, patient seminars and health fairs.  It is better than a yellow page age or a billboard!

4. This program is a means to teach the medical community about chiropractic care. (in stages…… more on this in the next consultations)

5. This program is a means to assure chiropractic research is reaching the practicing medical community.

6. This program is about building chiropractic advocates in the medical community from the bottom up.

7. This program is about getting the chiropractic profession on track with proper communication and documentation methods.

8. This program is about and the ethical promotion of your clinical and communication skills.

9. This program is about changing the way the MD views the human body, nervous system and the delivery of healthcare. (Remember…… the way that the MD sees the world is myopic.  They see a compartmentalized patient and a nervous system that cannot heal the body without being directed through the use of pharmaceuticals.)

When we discuss to concept of education, everyone knows that there are very few gifted children that can progress well ahead of the others.  Ones that can be taught algebra in elementary school or those that start college level courses when they are 10!  We know that those kids are an anomaly.   This is the same thing with educating the medical community.  The MDs that automatically get chiropractic care are an anomaly.  When we talk outside of the “musculoskeletal box” to MDs, it is like talking algebra to a 4th grader……it doesn’t work.  Now the 4th grader is frustrated and avoids math, they get turned off because it doesn’t make sense and therefore makes them feel uncomfortable.  The result is the MD doesn’t get it and now avoids chiropractic.  What most DCs do is get frustrated and say “screw them”, which creates more division.  What chiropractors need to remember is the way we view the body and the nervous system is a very learned approach.  It takes time and nurturing to properly relay that information to the medical community.  The reward is worth it, but you have to be a teacher with a gentle touch, not wield a hammer.

Remember, the mindset is about the end game, reaching the goal and getting the “cookie”. (we need to be like the relentless toddler going for the treat)  The “cookie” is more people under care and increased access to chiropractic.  How much different would it be so see the first chiropractic research study involving 50,000 people under regular care?  It can happen if we focus our mind and create a MINDSET to get it done. IN 2019, it is finally happening. The question is will you be on the INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the process? If you desire to be on the inside, let me teach you how to do it.

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