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#1 – Program Infrastructure

Administrative Consultation 

From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

Good morning, 
I wanted to reiterate a few things that may be helpful in using the MD Referral Program site and getting through the content.  They are in no particular order BUT understanding how to be efficient is the key to use absorbing this information.  Information is power and this information is coming right from the medical “horses mouth”.  This WILL build your practice to unbelievable levels, however the first person to educate is yourself.  Here is where to start…
1:  Member Portal – this is on the home page and lists all the new content and postings on the site.  If you are short on time and get a bit confused on the layout of the site, that is the place to visit.  The latest content is at the top.  If you have not been on the site in a while I would take the time to go through the Portal line by line, that is the newest content. If however you are new to the program, start with the Getting Started Guide, that will give you the foundation required to start the program. 
2:  LIVE CHAT – this was a new feature of the program and will allow us to communicate instantly  I still see 100 patients per week during the AM, M-F.  I have great staff so there is always time for me to LIVE CHAT with you, answer emails etc, but sometimes by phone time is limited.  Please know that I am WANTING to be in the trenches so that my solutions for patient care and marketing are based on real world issues since that is how I am building my practice as well.  My associates see an additional 300 PV per week.  
3:  MRI and Imaging – I am available to review MRI and X-ray studies with you during the week.  I do this on a regular basis, it helps to have an additional set of eyes and a methodology to review studies.  We discuss difference between a disc bulge and herniation, schmorl’s nodes, Modic I, II, III changes and acute vs chronic injury.  You can simply LIVE CHAT me and we can set up a time.  I do ask that we set a time since I have to be at my computer, we do this through a GoTo Meeting connection. 
4:  Research – become familiar with the research and share it.  The bimonthly flyers are there to teach you as well as for you to share with the medical community.  Make sure that you are downloading, customizing and reading them when they come out.  The latest is #087 – Prevalence of Chiropractic Utilization in the US.  That will give you a good idea of where we are trending, it is an exciting time in Chiropractic IF, IF, IF you are prepared for it.  Some chiropractors will be more successful then any others in history, many will not.  I want you to be on the winning side. 
5:  Working with the Surgeons – please make sure that you are using Bimonthly Flyer #062 – Spine Pain and Spinal Alignment.  Building a surgeon advocate is a VERY important part of this process and can accelerate your practice growth.  This is the HOTTEST topic in spine surgery today and it is important that you understand it enough to have a conversation.  I also sent another paper related to this topic yesterday, it is posted in Section #5 on the Home Page, MD Meetings – Medical Specialist.  It is titled Spine Surgeons and Sagittal Balance – READ IT.  I am meeting with a new surgeon next week and this will be ALL WE TALK ABOUT.  
6:  CV – your new business card is your CV [curriculum vitae].  If you do NOT have one in order, go and use the CV Builder to get STARTED.  It SUCKS to get it going if you have not updated it, but your success depends on it.  EVERY meeting that I have I hand out my CV, even if they have had it before, I want to them to see that I am serious, that I am a leader in the Academic side of spine care and that I can be trusted with their referrals.  Get it done and then maintain it.  


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