Academy of Chiropractic’s

MD Relationship Program

#4 MD Meetings – Primary Care Physicians 

Clinical Consultation

From: William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP

Creating a Plan


Marketing Clinically to the Medical Profession


 There are three main ways to market product or a service, here they are in no particular order.


 1:  Straight Up Solicitation


      pushy and in your face, this type is simply overwhelming you with energy until you give in and buy it.  Think of the “Street Hustlers” wanting you to buy a handbag, scarf or other stuff.  They are not interested in “repeat” customers so relationships or awkwardness don’t matter.


      This is the reason business have NO SOLICITATION.  Considered “door to door” or “in your face” you know how it feels to be sold this way. It sucks and is NOT the way to market your services or expertise.


 2:  Academic Marketing


      This type of marketing relies on providing information to support what you are selling, in our case we are selling “The Diagnosis and Management of Mechanical Spine Pain”.  In this case, we want to have OTHER authoritative sources convey our message and advocate FOR US.  This type will get easier and easier for Chiropractic since the literature is filling up with success stories on what we do.  The key is to KEEP it authoritative, ON MESSAGE and provide a diverse pool of resources.  That is why we use Osteopathic, Chiropractic and Medical Journals.


      Using this form of marketing you have to show there is a “Consensus” out there that advocates for your product or service.  This works UNTIL the market reaches CRITICAL MASS, then you have to differentiate yourself from the masses…why are you the BEST?  That is where the 3rd method comes into play, this is unique to the health service professions for obvious reasons.


 3:  Clinical Marketing –


      This is where we SHINE.  This is where we combine the Academic Marketing with a SPECIFIC case in our practice.  Interesting things such as the following are great to reach out to the PCP or medical specialist by phone or in person.


§  Carotid Plaque identified on lateral cervical radiographs


§  Significantly high blood pressure


§  Bruits


§  Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm


§  + Tests for Vascular Insufficiency


§  Spinal Cord Compression


§  Myelopathy


§  Cauda Equina


§  Fracture


§  No PCP – find one to refer too


      The list goes on…use these patients to introduce and demonstrate your clinical skill set.  When you go bring these with you, if you send a marketing rep they also bring these, if you are calling on the phone, fax these items.


§  CV


§  Initial Report/Evaluation


§  Latest SOAP


§  Imaging Reports






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