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Marketing Representative Salary and Bonus System

From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP


This was an email that I sent out this AM to a client.  

Regarding the marketing person, I don’t provide a bonus system outside of a raise.  What I do and what I recommend, is the following:

1:  Review your NEW PATIENT stats up to the last 6 months prior to your rep being hired and average them by month and quarter. 
2:  Focus on a % of growth, I would suggest 20-30%.  The bigger your numbers are already (New Patients) the lower the percentage will be, as an example, if you are seeing 10 New Patients per month on average per month it is MUCH easier to get to 20, which is 100% growth than if you are already seeing 100. Getting to 200 will be a bit more difficult simply from a demographics perspective.  Keep that in mind.
3:  I tell them, “Our office is currently here (show number), this is where I expect to be (show new number based on percentage).  I tell them we need to get here to justify what you are being paid, I pay my marketing person $900 per week.  Once we reached our FIRST goal, I provided health insurance for him, he is single so it is a big deal and not that expensive.  
4:  I tell him once we hit the next stage we can talk about a raise. 
5:  The motivation comes in him keeping his health insurance and a job.  A good paying job for him not to be in an office. He is results oriented so I don’t hound him.  She needs to go the extra mile to stay employed.  
Lastly, many offices use the “Bonus” type system because the Doc wants to come in “Cheap” and promises to pay once the $ comes in, I am not a fan of that since you get lower quality employees and THEN it is another THING to keep track of in the office.  I want consistency in my people and this is how I do that.  Let me know if that helps you.  


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