Academy of Chiropractic 

MD Referral Progam 

#7 Branding, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship 

#18 Reseach Outreach 


Research outreach – bimonthly flyers and open source journal articles.  The open source papers you can find at and you can print these off since there are no copyright issues, the bimonthly flyers should be printed in color.  Keep in mind this is but one spoke of the outreach wheel and no ONE thing will do it, so you have to have multiple lines of attack to build relationships. Some MDs like research others don’t care, they care more about how patients perceive you and the level of your clinical skill set.  The research shows that you are reading and staying current on trends, not just on chiropractic and that you are resource for information on YOUR profession and its talents. 

CONTINUED – I have found over the last 10 years or so, that the single thing limiting the amount of new patients in your practice is YOUR ability to understand the science of chiropractic AND be able to communicate that information to other health professionals, MDs in particular.  Do you really know where YOU fit in the patient care paradigm?  Can you tell an MD how to “identify” a chiropractic patient using language that they understand and are comfortable with?  Over the years I have found that it is US not THEM that is creating the barriers.  Our profession has been viewed as a modality simply because we lead with a single treatment as opposed to diagnosis and case management.  Can you describe to an MD WHY they should consider chiropractic management over other types of health care professionals managing the patient’s spine case?   Are you credentialed enough or have a base to understand all the possible issues a patient can present with that you DO NOT TREAT?  The MDs refer once they trust you clinically and it has less do to with actual outcomes of care and more to do with “can you catch” significant pathology like cancer, fracture or aneurysm that presents as a musculoskeletal condition?  When they are confident that you can, the floodgates will be open, you will never have to market for a patient again.  This is why the research is so important, if you can show that you are on top of your game and have a significant working knowledge of published works (you don’t need to quote them) and can share that information with the MDs in your community – you win…this entire program is about getting you to understand that, provide you with the tools to do it and then teaching you HOW to get it done.  

If you have not read the flyers in the Educational Library, please go back and read them, if you have and it’s been a while, read them again.  There is always something new to learn and digest, this is what helps you to become conversational with the medical community.  

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