#7 Marketing, Branding, and Entrepreneurship 

#17 What is coming OUT of YOUR office?

Being a team player is a two-way street and is critically important for your practice success.  You can’t expect support and referrals from others if you don’t support and refer yourself.  In many cases it difficult to understand why some MDs are great referrers and others just “don’t get it”.  In the end, it is a mentality that a provider has or they do not.  My practices focus on doing one thing really, really well and that is the diagnosis and management of biomechanical spine pain and dysfunction.  In this scenario, the “management” part is important to consider because it is NOT synonymous with treatment, although treatment is a part. 

The term “management” has a much broader definition and really defines the doctor-patient relationship in its entirety.  The best way to think about it is as a Primary Care Doctor does for all general health concerns, but your focus is on the spine.   So there are therapeutic interventions that you will need to refer out and those that you can keep in-house, but there is a price for each. 

There are medical practices in my area that people call “Black Holes”, meaning once a patient enters the building they DON’T COME OUT, no one likes to work with them.  There are others like mine that focus on what they are good at, then collaborate with other healthcare providers.  You cannot expect to get referrals IN if you are unwilling to refer OUT of your practice.  Building a team of providers that are all independently owned, managed and operated is the key to long-term success. 

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