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#8 MD Rounds

Hi Bill,

Thanks for speaking with Randy and myself this morning.  I have a few followup questions:

1. Randy has been handing out the trifold brochure and his business cards.  We also have large and small referral pads and pens.  When (which visits) should he be handing out these items?

do not had out the trifold its too much information – work on the getting a single double sided postcard. Referrals pads are only for the MD remember so that is only going to target 20-25% and if they don’t have one in the room with them you won’t get the referral.  That is why you need on the second visit to ask the office manager to put you into the EMR as a “preferred provider” and then stick with the postcards.  

2. During the seminar you spoke about the binder with my CV and some of the research fliers in it.  When does this come into play, which visit, and to whom is it given?  

That is for the FIRST visit.  That is the academic approach – introduction and research 

3.  Are the research reviews something I bring only to meetings with the doctor, or are they for Randy to drop by periodically with to give to staff (who then give to the doctor).  And I imagine we’d want to bring both the doctor and patient version of each one, right?

Yes both versions – that is the REASON to stop back to bring more research – otherwise you have nothing new to provide them and they start to feel like you are bugging them saying the same old thing. 

4. When Randy is setting up the lunch, it is just a lunch were we come and bring food, or is it a lunch and learn where I teach them something?

First lunch is meet and greet very casual…if they want a CE then that is the next step.  Do the meet and greet first and then ask them for the CE.  

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