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 #50 Making Friends with Staff – WHY?

One of the most over looked opportunities when marketing to medical offices is to make friends with staff members. When we look at our statistics we realize that almost 75% of all referrals come directly from staff members and not the medical providers.  That is very interesting and is a large area of focus for my staff and I, we look to make friends with the front desk people, the referral coordinator, the office manager and anyone else involved in patient care.  They are the ones that will make sure “you’re taken care of”, they will also be your “ears” inside the practice. 

I have always made sure that my staff called over to the MD offices any chance they get.  They call to get an imaging report quickly, schedule a patient (you do have your staff call the medical specialist, imaging center or lawyer with the patient there to schedule right?) or to invite to an open house or CE.   This is important for one other important reason, when something happens like a PA or NP leaves the practice, or maybe the MD is retiring or there is a staff revolt, YOU GET TO FIND OUT FIRST!  Never ever underestimate the power of gossip…It is important to make sure that your referral sources are consistent and that you know where they are.  There is nothing worse than building a relationship with a provider then have the referrals stop only to find out they left the practice 4 months ago…it happens all the time. 

Lastly, I would also suggest getting a sponsor (MRI or EDX or DME company) and have a staff happy hour.  Have it be casual and sort of a “meet up” at the end of a busy week – create a simple flyer and hand them out and call.  We call, fax and stop by…you can have it at a restaurant so those that don’t drink alcohol will have plenty of options.  BELIEVE me…this goes A LOT farther than you would ever think possible.  For the doctors that are reading this – YOU DRESS ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE – remember they are staff – so you wear SUIT, TIE and JACKET if it is winter I would also suggest a VEST.  Make sure you have your haircut, ear hair removed, dandruff off your jacket, NO WRINKLES IN YOUR SUIT and shoes that don’t look like you got them out of the garbage.  You are the LEADER and you have to look it…people remember…

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