#7 Marketing, Branding, and Entreprenurship

#3 Leaders are Consistent and Effective Communicators

Communication is everything, well let me rephrase that…EFFECTIVE communication is everything! Your ability to communicate effectively is the basis for all your business and personal needs. In today’s environment this comes in many forms it could be simply sitting and talking to an employee or staff member, it could be talking on the phone with a business associate or marketing representative. It may be using technology such as Email or forum postings or even texting [personally I use this a lot]. The key Is to write effectively and to consistently stay in communication with people on a regular basis. One of the biggest mistakes people trying to lead make is assuming that people know what to do, the truth is they don’t and that’s why they need you. [ASSUME = making an ASS of out U and ME]

Communication is the foundation for good relationships, effective business partners and successful businesses. You have to be available for people and be able to portray thoughts and concepts in very consistent and concise formats. There are many solutions to help you through this, but ultimately it takes practice, I still struggle at times especially when all things are hitting on all cylinders. If you need help with creating platforms to communicate with staff and business associates please let me know I can have a quick conversation with you and fixed many of the problems that you’re experiencing.  


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