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#42 Taking Reports and Rearch to offices with multiple MDs – What do to….

I get lots of question about how to approach a new MD office with binders.  This is most common when there are 4-5 MDs, multiple NP or PA and staff in one office. The purpose of even delivering the binder in the first place is to introduce yourself from an Academic standpoint…that is the polar opposite of you going to the MD office and pandering for patient referrals.  When that happens to me I take ONE binder to the office [use the flyer numbers that I gave you in a prior consultation] and ask to deliver it to the office manager. That is my first goal, the second goal is to build an advocate [the office manager] within the practice, if they like you, it helps to position you for the long term even with crabby MDs.  When looking at the MDs, I try to pick the youngest MD and if there is one in the office, I pick the Osteopathy – DO.  Again, with multiple providers I bring ONE so I am not pushy or assuming everyone wants one.  REMEMBER ALWAYS, the goal of the binder is to have a reason to stop into the office that is not related to asking for referrals.  Academics is the #1 way to market…I am going to continue to repeat that over and over again…that is the key to your success. Position yourself as a TEACHER and EDUCATOR….
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