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Webinars are FREE to Active Members of the MD Referral Program.  Members can register for individual Webinars inside the Members section of the website under the Menu item, Continuing Education.  If you are a non-member, click on the following title links to register for the event.  The dates and times of each particular seminar will be listed on the landing page. However, to keep everyone on track I am keeping them all at the same day of the week and same time. 

Biomechanics of the Cervical Spine – the practical approach – Tuesday – May 3, 2016


A detailed review of patient history, physical examination, objective testing, documenting ligamentous injury ad communication with the MD and Lawyer.  This will teach you how to practically evaluate the biomechanics in the cervical spine in a busy practice and use those techniques to build a patient referral network. 

Chiropractic Evidence – Thursday October 23, 2014


Understand what the current research says to the MD and WHY they need to consider Chiropractic as a first contact for Acute, Subacute and Chronic spine pain.  Chiropractors have know through clinical experience that the Adjustment reduces disability, review with me the research that PROVES that once and for all.  How does Chiropractic stand up to the costs of other types of care, the answer is more solid than it has ever been before.  Learn what MDs need to know about Chiropractic versus Physical Therapy, Home Exercise and Patient Education. 


Documentation and EMR Workflow – Thursday October 30, 2014


Learn how to set up and streamline your EMR system to meet the demands of the current healthcare system.  I will teach you how to create a flow in which the patient fills in most of the initial data and your staff the reminder based on the information you provide.  I have honed this process over the last 3 years in my offices and I am able to generate a compliant and comprehensive Initial and Re-evaluation report that allows me to stay compliant, justify everything I bill while increasing my collections to 90%+.  This system has created a referral network that trusts me with their patients and truthfully has yet to stop.

This is a quick and basic overview of SWMotif and the EMR Macros Program.  The webinar video will follow shortly.


Latest Conference

June 4th – 5th, 2016 – Melville, NY – Academy of Chiropractic’s Annual Summer Conference


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