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MD Meetings – Continuing Education Presentations #13


The ART of the MD Lecture for CME – follow my lead

As I have mentioned in the past I have jumped back into doing the MD lectures again for my offices.  My next lecture is tomorrow Wednesday June 18, 2014 at 12pm EST.  This is at a primary care office and the presentation will be in front of 2 primary care medical doctors.  I am going to record the presentation as long as they are good with it so that I can share with you the direction the presentation should take.  Remember it is about getting the right information across and teaching them about chiropractic AND getting them to talk about their frustration in treating patients with spine pain.  That is the REAL secret. 


This presentation was set up by a local MRI representative that has 8 others in the hopper for me right now, we are waiting on dates.  So this program is designed to help you “leverage” other professionals time like the MRI representative as well as their CONTACTS!  

I have a full patient day tomorrow and have just enough time in the middle of the day to skip out and do the lunch presentation.  When I come back to the office patients will be ready for me to see, no wasted time.   Time management is a critical component of practice and is one of the things that they DEFINITELY do not teach you in chiropractic school, there is only so much time in the day and if you are only relying on yourself you will soon hit the ceiling. Once that happens the game is over, your growth stops.  That is why having trained sales people at your fingertips to work with you is the #1 way to leverage your marketing efforts, if you follow what I am teaching you, it will be for FREE…the concept is called a Strategic Partnership.  That is a partnership where business needs and desires are aligned between two different companies (that provide different services) that can co-market and support each other. 

The #1 best strategic partnership chiropractors have access to are the MRI representatives.  So here is the deal, you (as the doctor) are in ONE of only TWO positions…either you send MRIs and the MRI company knows you and wants your continued business OR you don’t understand how to use MRI in your practice and therefore don’t refer when medically necessary so the MRI representative doesn’t know you.  GUESS WHAT?  I know how to overcome each of those situations because I was IN THEM both at different points in my career.  So what do we do about it?  You set up a three way call with me to talk with the MRI representative.   I am very good at getting them to understand what is in it for them.  Email me to set it up…


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