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Consultation #10


Everything that this program has given you is leading you in the direction of being able to TEACH MDs…This is important because you need to create cultural authority around chiropractic to drive referrals for the life of your practice. The problem for most practices is there is NO WAY to get into the MD offices and they don’t know who you are. There are three proven ways to meet them, the first is simply to report to the MD on the patients in your office. They see enough reports, they know your name but that is generally the end of it. The second is to present yourself to the office and share research (in the research binder) on a bimonthly basis to develop relationships with the office staff, mid-level providers and the MD.

That is a critical part of the process and you really have to do it on an unconscious level, over and over again. Lastly is to work with an MRI or DME (Durable Medical Equipment) representative to promote you and the CME lunches. In fact one of the docs in the program in Washington State is working with the sales representative of one of the largest orthopedic firms in his city…pretty smart.

You and your office are in either ONE of the THREE scenarios or you haven’t even gotten started. In any case, you MUST call me to get organized otherwise you will never get to where the program is designed to take you which is cultural authority. If you are not reporting START, if you are not sharing research and being in the MD offices START, if you are not scheduling CME lunches then START, if you have not scheduled a three-way call between me and your MRI rep…SEND ME AN EMAIL AND START…simple…

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