Dear Dr Owens,

You asked me in our first conversation what I wanted out
of this. I have been thinking about that. I want to begin to give a series of
lay lectures to the general public about how chiropractic can prevent stenosis.
Is there any research on this? How can You help me here?

Dr Spencer – Mississippi

Dr Spencer,

The “public” is NOT where you want to be. Presently there are only 4.7% of the population seeking out chiropractic care. Trying to get patients into the lecture is difficult, THEN they will need to become patients. I have done that

over and over again in my career and it DOESNT work, at least not to the level to match your effort. You MUST educate the patients FAMILY DOCTORS on what you do. They will refer the patient TO you for care. One MD sees thousands of patients, there is no way that you would ever be able to speak to that many patients. Once you have 3 or 4 MDs your reach becomes exponential.

Stay the course and get your binders out there. That is the fastest way. If you want to start doing lay lectures to your patients and thier families that is fine (I would use the PATIENT version of the Bimonthly Flyers and do mini-lectures), HOWEVER that is not a replacement for the outreach to the MD. It is out of most people’s confort zone, but that is where your LIFE BEGINS…at the edge of that zone! 🙂

Dr. Owens





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