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Thank you for being part of the MD Referral Program.  Our consulting services are included with your participation in the program and are filled with many creative, effective and proven “action steps” to build your practice.  We are and will be providing many more tools for you to increase patient referrals, lower overhead and generate more referrals.  I welcome suggestions to make this program the number one program in building DC/MD relationships. 

Affordable Care Act – Essential Benefits – Does YOUR State cover Chiropractic?

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Office Infrastructure

This section provides basic business consulting that focuses on the processes in your practice.  Infrastucture is an important part of a successful practice, but it is a supportive task (read #93) and not an income producing task.  It has to be flexible and needs to be able to run without you being involved every second of every day.  One major focus is the combination of patient flow and generating proper reports.

Program Infrastructure

This section provides specific instruction on the infrastructure for the marketing program and your outreach to MDs.  This is the second step in the Program.  The Consultations here will direct you on creating the basics of this program so that it will continue to run consistently.

CV & Credentials

Creating and updating your CV is a critical part of communication in the professional world.  You CV is how other professionals get to know you and how you show “what you are trained to do”.  Everything else is BS in the healthcare world.

EMR, Macros and Reporting

There is a lot of information on EMR [Electronic Medical Record]/ EHR [Electronic Health Record] out there.  To be part of the healthcare system, you will need to have one.  Everyone will have to use one by 2015 or face Medicare penalties.  That is important, but one of the most imporant aspects of the EMR/EHR is creating a reporting system in your practice that is efficient, compliant and profitable.  These consults are how to use and your EMR/EMR to reach those goals.  

MD Meetings – Primary Care

Meeting and interacting with Primary Care Physicians is different than Specialty Care.  These Consultations are about that and how to position yourself to be the #1 choice for conservative spine care.

MD Meetings – Specialty Care

Meeting and interacting with Specialty Medical Care providers is different than the Primary Care/Family Medicine Community.  These Consultations are about working with the Medical Specialist. 

MD Meetings – Continuing Education Presentations

This section of Consulting will teach you how to use the CME program to reach out and build relationships in the Medical Community by presenting courses that are approved for Category I AMA Continuing Education Credits.  Learn how to be the doctors that is TEACHING other doctors on proper spine care.

Clinical Consulting – MRI and others

These Consultations are about being a better clinician.  They contain information on MRI, Advanced Imaging and physical examination.  There are many occasions that I will do a GoTo Meeting Session with a doctor to review MRI.  Learn more about all these things in this section.

Coding, Billing and Collections 

Generating revenue is the first step, but often times many doctors treat the patient and have difficulty getting timely payments.  Timely payment is critical to consistent cashflow and is the only way to create certainty in your practice.  Without it we are simply reacting on a day to day basis which creates stress.  These series of Consultations are directed at Compliant Coding practices and how to use the laws of YOUR State to collect interest on over due claims.  Many doctors “outsource” billing and collections because they don’t have the knowledge to create this system.  Why give someone else control over the most important administrative task in  your office?  Learn more here…

 Business Marketing, Branding and Entrepenurship

Creating a brand for yourself and getting the message out in a professional and consistent basis is a key component to long term success.  Remember it is not only about YOU and YOUR image but also your staff, your office and your message.  This section will help you to learn from my trial and error.  Learn more here…

Email Conversations

Many of the questions some doctors are asking are the same ones that you are wondering about.  This is a group of emails and their answers to some of the most common questions and stumbling blocks that doctors have in the program.   This will allow you to learn from each other.

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