#3 EMR Macros and Reporting to the Medical Community   

#7 Don’t Lose Patients 


Chiropractic as a profession has lagged behind in reporting.  The first point is that chiropractors in general, do not refer to one another for second opinions or for specialty care.  Why then do we insist on filling our reports with technical chiropractic jargon?  The point of the report is to provide additional care givers the information they need to properly care for the patient in our absence and to document the level of care to insurers so we are compliant with coding rules and state or federal regulations. 


The majority of chiropractic offices do not report to other health providers as a rule and that has hurt us.  We try so hard to be technique specific, but in the end no one really cares.  What matters is outcomes, and if your technique is superb than you get people better, if it is not then you don’t.  When the MD doesn’t get a report they have no choice but to assume that you are a second class clinician.  Why would they send a patient to a second class clinician?


When you are using an EMR the idea is to get rid of all the fluff and junk and to have a note that showcases what you can do clinically. Everything else is just companies pandering the to chiropractic profession because they think we need to have “technique modules” and lots of chiropractic oriented language.  The only thing that will do is to alienate you from the health care community.  Once you build a relationship with the medical provider then you can really talk chiropractic but  if you are not even reporting to them the game is over before it starts.  I talk Subluxation to MDs on a weekly basis…


We have chose Software Motif at www.softwarmotif.com and have included the Academy of Chiropractic Management license “ACM” into that program.  Examples of the initial and SOAP notes are posted in the Communication Materials section of the website and can be accessed once you log in if you haven’t seen them already.   If you need more specific information, please email me atdrowens@teachdoctors.com

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