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William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLPCPC

“Invite Mid-Levels to Shadow You”

This past Wednesday I had the Physician’s Assistant for the orthopedic spine surgeon that I work with stop by the office to shadow me.  I spoke with the orthopedic surgeon about the benefit of trigger point injection prior to chiropractic adjustment in trauma patients.  It is a terrific tool to help reduce pain prior to the adjustment in patients with severe spasm and guarding.  I told him (This is where you can become a resource) that they can increase the revenue in the office by adding this procedure to the existing patient base, he doesn’t have to do it and I will teach the PA how to find the trigger points! 

She stopped by for the morning and say patients with me.  I had her palpate the trigger point and tried to get her to see and feel a trigger in each area of the spine, cervical, thoracic and lumbar as well as shoulder and hip.  While she was with me I was also able to show her how referrals for extremity adjusting can help their patients as well and how I look for joint restriction.  This was about helping her to “identify” a chiropractic patient.  Needless to say, she left WAY more educated on chiropractic than when she came in.  I also had some VERY injured patients that had significant disc pathology that she was SURPRISED benefited from chiropractic care.  This was a critical part of the education process, because she understood that there are different chiropractic techniques that can be used, some aggressive some not so much. 

Inviting midlevel providers to your office during patient hours is one of the BEST and most important things you can do to build a relationship.  Email me and I will teach you how to do it and what to say to maximize results.  It is easy and effective.  

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