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#1 Immediate Press Release:
First Medical School to Offer a Chiropractic Rotation

Buffalo, NY, Thursday, September 8, 2011, William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLP in conjunction with the State University of New York University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has launched the first chiropractic elective in the nation within the Family Practice Resident Program.  This elective is the same as the others the medical students rotate through such as gastroenterology, OB/GYN, orthopedics, dermatology, etc.


The chiropractic elective will allow medical residents first hand exposure to chiropractic care as they will follow Dr. Owens during clinic hours and participate in the triaging of the patients learning chiropractic protocols.  During the presentation to introduce the elective, there was an overwhelming interest by the medical residents with 30% of those in attendance signing up for the first rotation.  “I feel that chiropractic was very well received and there was a genuine interest in learning about the benefit of chiropractic care,” said Dr. Owens.  He also stated, “We are going to have to increase our clinical hours to accommodate the needs of the medical residents since the response was positive beyond expectations.” 


This program will put medical residents in a collaborative environment helping them to properly triage (refer) common neuro-musculoskeletal conditions such as headache, neck pain and lower back pain to doctors of chiropractic, once in a clinical setting. The medical residents will also be exposed to the wellness model to balance their education. They will have first hand exposure to chiropractic research, patient satisfaction and the overall results of chiropractic care and management of patients with conditions that typically do not respond well and clog up primary care office settings. This is a first for chiropractic and a first for medicine and is truly a historic event. 

More information will be posted as this program grows.  I will also be helping you to make contacts with teaching institutions in your area if you are interested.  {jcomments on}

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