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William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLP

I just received this testimonial from Dr. Shortell in Connecticut.  He has been in contact with me constantly via e-mail and the phone and has really focused on making contacts with local MDs.  He has hit the ground running and is doing what it takes to build strong relationships built on clinical excellence and reporting as a specialist.  Here is what he had to say about a recent meeting!  He is going to help me write some more consultations on the topics he mentioned in the discussion with the orthopedic surgeon. Although he didn’t know this a second ago, he does now. 🙂

Hey Dr. Owens,

I had just met with an orthopedist my same age today per his request after first reaching out to him as suggested in the MD Relationship Program.  He is the most junior surgeon in the group and as we discussed probably the most hungry for patients!  We had lunch for about an hour and spoke on many topics.  Some of the things that we touched on were, what are the most common procedures he performed, his thoughts on physical therapy vs. chiropractic, cervical manipulation and stroke, had he ever been adjusted or seen an adjustment, difference in terminology of the word subluxation to a MD vs. DC, what is a surgical candidate is to him, what would cause him to refer away from physical therapy and choose a chiropractor and what would cause me to refer to his office.


After a short period of time the discussion was extremely smooth and then he started discussing problems with insurance, post payment auditing, chart reviews that he and his colleagues were experiencing.  So it is nice to see that chiropractors aren’t the only ones to get picked on!  We also discussed headaches and migraine headaches for a period of time. My explanation of how to benefit this type of patient was helpful to him because outside of referring to the neurologist who often found a negative exam, he had no real options for his patients.


Based on our recent conversation, I chose this doctor because we were similar in age and come to find out our children are the same age, we have similar interests and he insisted we get together soon.   So overall a hell of a beneficial meeting and very pleasant experience.   But without going through the programs from yourself and Dr. Studin, this wouldn’t have occurred.  I am very excited to continue to have a reason to follow up with him using the research and the binders, because without that I would have no reason to stop by his office.  Now that I know what his interests are and what his patients need, I can get him the research that will have the greatest impact.  My patient reporting will continue to educate him on my clinical expertise and I will keep an updated CV in front of him regularly. 


Interestingly, I also met with the main occupational health MD in our town 2 days ago. Our meeting was only 15 minutes long but he was pleased with my clinical knowledge and paper reporting in my exams and re-exams. The only problem was he has been practicing 33 years while I 14. So the personal connection was not there, but it was still beneficial. I see how your thoughts on having someone of similar age makes a big difference.  This MD is also on my list and I will continue to build that relationship.  It is interesting to note that every encounter is unique, thank you taking the time to talk with me.

Thanks for your help.




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