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07-08-2011 – Consultation #59 – Why Chiropractic and Not PT?

06-24-2011 – Consultation #58 – Relationship Building – The BIG Picture

06-24-2011MD Educational Flier #27 – Anatomical Variants Dermatone Distribution

06-14-2011MD Educational Flier #26 – Adverse Events Following Chiropractic – THE TRUTH 

05-25-2011 – Consultation #57 – MDs Do Refer Patients for Chiropractic Care

05-25-2011MD Educational Flier #25 – Chiropractic Management of Leg Pain Due to Disc Herniation

05-12-2011 – Consultation #56 – The Chiropractic GOLD MINE

05-04-2011Consultation #55 – Leveraging the MD Relationship Program – Delegating to Staff

04-24-2011MD Educational Flier #24 – Chiropractic’s Unique Ability to Manage Recurrence of Work-Related Lower Back Pain

04-08-2011MD Educational Flier #23 – Chiropractic Shown Effective for Sciatica

03-30-2011Consultation #54 – The Process

03-29-2011 Quickie Consult #22 –  FREE E-Learning Course #3

03-24-2011Consultation #52 – The MD Lecture Meeting

03-14-2011MD Educational Flier #22 – National Survey of Pain Management Clinicians

03-02-2011 – Consultation #51 – Using Chiropractic Research to Win

02-28-2011 – Consultation #50 – FREE E-Learning Course #2 – Chiropractic and Chronic Pain Guidelines – how to justify long term care and GET PAID.

02-09-2011MD Educational Flier #21 – Chiropractic Care Effective for Chronic Spinal Pain

02-08-2011- Consultation #49 has been posted – Prognosis and Chiropractic Care

02-04-2011 – Quickie Consultations #16-19 have been posted including a Members discussion with an Orthopedic Surgeon in his area.

02-03-2011 – Consultation #48 has been posted

01-29-2011- Consultation #47 – FREE E-Learning Course #1Attitudes Toward Chiropractic – A survey of 1000 North American Orthopedic Surgeons has been posted in the member section.

01-28-2011-Consultation #46 – FREE E-Courses announced.  The courses will be rolled out and will be specific to a single chiropractic research paper. 

01-26-2011Consultation #45 – Creating a Stream of New Patients has been posted.

01-25-2011Consultation #44 – A testimonial from a doctor in CT has been posted.  See what he did and how the program is working for him.

01-22-2011 – Audio Consultation and Interview with Dr. Fishkin orthopedic spine surgeon has been updated and posted. 

01-21-2011Quickie Consultation #11 – Be the Spine Expert has been posted.

01-19-2011Quickie Consultation #10 was posted regarding using chiropractic research to promote your practice.

01-18-2011 Quickie Consultation #9 – Updated Script – the script used to get permission to drop the Research Binder off has been updated in Consultation #5, “A Familiar Model” at the bottom.

01-17-2011 Quickie Consultation #8 – Prognosis and Co-morbid conditions – why Guidelines do not work

MD Educational Flier #20 – Chiropractic and Chronic Headache 2010 – a must read research paper. 

01-06-2011 Consultation #42 – “The Future of Chiropractic” – new insite into the progression of chiropractic care.

01-05-2011 Quickie Consultation #7 “The Rate-Limiting Step” You cannot compromise on reporting as it will determine the level of your success.  Healthcare is changing and no matter what you tell yourself please understand that I see what works and what doesn’t.  To get on the field you have to be reporting to MDs, otherwise you will be sitting in the nosebleeds wondering how everyone else got there.

12-29-2010 – Consultation #41 – “Rib-Out” Referral has been posted.  Read this to learn how to use specific patient encounters in your office to build MD relationships.  This consultation involved the MD and a 2nd year medical student.

12-28-2010 Quickie Consultation #6 – this was an introduction to an interesting MD Referral I had to my office today.

12-26-2010Quickie Consultation #5 – Whats New ANNOUNCED – check this area to learn what is new on the MD Relationship site.  This will help to better organize what we are doing and will also help you to stay current.

12-20-2010 Consultation#40 – Evolving Your Documentation is posted.  When you are making changes in practice it is important to have a plan and to evolve a little at a time. This Consultation discusses what is urgent and what should be viewed as long term.

12-18-2010Quickie Consultation #4 – My CV is what goes out in the MD binders when my office makes the initial contact.  I have an email list for every doctor and lawyer that I work with that my staff uses to send CV entry updates as well as a new copy.  An example of an email that gets sent is posted in the Members Section

12-15-2010 Audio Consultation with Zair Fishkin, PhD, MD Come listen to an interview with Dr. Fishkin orthopedic surgeon.  He gives an look inside the mind of a medical specialist. He shares with us why he refers to chiropractors and what he expects them to know and report.  Very few chiropractors get to listen in on a conversation like this. 

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